Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We REALLY needed a LIBERAL President...


If I told you in 2007 that in 2011 we'd be killing Soc. Security, torturing Americans & bombing Libya, etc. Who would you guess won the election?!

Dropped a public option, escalated the war in Afghanistan, gave tax cuts to billionaires....
And FOX "news" calls him a 'Liberal'?
It' time to re-educate the masses on the true meaning of Liberalism. I believe Obama's victory in 2008 showed how Liberal this country really is and really wants to be.
Obama SPOKE like a Liberal and MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people believed in his ideology, because in it's purest form, Liberalism is the only way to form a more perfect union.

In my opinion our Founding Fathers were the original "radical leftists", revolting against the ultra-conservative Monarchy of England.
They were students of the Enlightenment period, which spawned Liberalism. Their entire worldview was one in which they believed in science, philosophy, nature, democracy, environmentalism, etc.

They constantly strived to form a more perfect union, and that is what Liberalism is about....Progress. It is about trying to attain perfection. It is equality, justice, truth, and liberty for ALL.

Fox "news" and the frightwing echo chamber is trying to give Liberalism a bad name, problem is, they're NOT attacking Liberal policies, they're attacking moderate republican policies.

Which is why the frightwing has taken a rightward lurch....Into the insane asylum, and there are NO moderate republicans left. The further right Obama goes, so do they.
Blame whoever you want, but you CAN'T blame Liberals. The republiCons controlled the veto pen for 22 of the last 30 YEARS, maybe they should start looking in the mirror.
(Kind of ironic that America's decline started 30 years ago under Reagan. Since then we've been losing our global economic and competitive grip to the rest of the world.)
Under 40 years of Liberal rule, roughly 1930's to 1970's, America was the most prosperous sought after Nation in the history of the world. Even the 'R' presidents during that time i.e. Eisenhower would easily be considered a Liberal by todays standards. And it's funny how conservatives believe in the 'conservative' ideology when conservatism has NEVER been accomplished...Anywhere, ever.

It's a fairy tale whose ideology is constantly being torn at the seams with hypocrisy.
I've heard conservatives call Bush a Liberal.

Time to re-educate the masses and show people how Liberalism is in the direct best interest of all of our citizens by expanding freedoms and rights, while conservatism is about taking them away.
Equality, justice, liberty OVER individualism, isolationism, and the not-give-a-f**k attitude for your fellow countrymen.


Wonder which one our Founding Fathers would support and be proud of today.

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