Thursday, March 17, 2011

Save the Boombox



Blogophilia 5.2 Topic: Save the Boombox
bonus points
(hard, 2pts): incorporate a mathematical formula
(easy, 1pt): include breaking a "silly" law
My guesses;
Topic - This one just screams out DJ MYKE & The Boombox!!
Picture - by throwing my BLOGOPHILIA dart, it lands on the name of East Tex Red Nex
What the picture means - Busy Bee, Eating candy, Happy Halloween, looking for Bit-O-Honey, Found the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Steppin' up to Fall, Gimme some sugar,

It was opening day (Mother's Day weekend) and there were 4 of us in a boat that was not much bigger than a canoe. We also were loaded down with fishing equipment, an ice chest full of food and drinks, a Boombox and the Wisconsin DNR Fishing Rule book.
According to the rule book, kids under that age of 16 do not need a license to fish. So Bob and I both had our fishing licenses. The kids did not as my son was 14 and his daughter was 13. Now my son has always been tall for his age, but that doesn't change his age.
We had been out on the water fishing for a few hours and I was the only one catching anything! I had caught 5 Northern all over 35 inches in length. Needless to say everyone else in the boat was not happy, and when kids get unhappy in a boat they start to fidget....
I was reeling in my 6th fish and I could see it was another Northern. Now the silly law says you can only have 5 Northern per person (but only north of Hwy 10, south of hwy 10 it is a limit of 2) and since we were fishing on a river that ran under Hwy 10 and we were on the north side, our limit was 5. In order to release the fish, I had to reel it in. It also was looking to be the largest Northern of the day! Unfortunately a State DNR agent was watching me pull it in too.
Just as I got the fish to the boat and Bob was standing up with the net, and two kids fidgeting. The DNR guy raced over in his boat, and his wake hit the side of our tiny little boat and the chain reaction started. The boat started to tip, Bob started to tip, the Boombox started to tip, and I was yelling "Save the Boombox!" all while not letting go of my line....
We almost made it....
When the second wave hit us, Bob fell in the water, my line broke, my son grabbed the Boombox and my step-daughter was holding onto the ice chest. Well, let me tell you, May in wisconsin, means the water has barely thawed and the water is ice cold. Bob came up out of the water sputtering and swearing!
The DNR guy then insisted we count the fish (5 for me, none for anyone else) and said I was breaking the law, as I was only allowed two Northern! 1 person + 5 fish = breaking the law according to the DNR Guy! I tried showing him the regulation book, and pointed out the Hwy....but no sir, that was only making him mad. Now he wanted to see fishing licenses for the kids too! Bob was wet, cold and mad, the kids were scared and trying to tell this guy how old they were and he would not believe them! I was mad that I lost a HUGE Northern.
So we accepted the tickets, and went home. When the court date came up, we went in with the kids birth certificates, photo's of where we were on the water, photo's of the bridge in relation to Hwy 10, along with a map pin pointing where we were. The case ended up being thrown out of court!
This Picture is not of me or anyone I know, but this is a Northern and about the size of the one that got away!


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