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40 Home Made Christmas Gift Ideas ~ For Men

Laptop, iPad, and Kindle Cases

clip_image001{Just change the color of the fabric for a dude}

1. Padded iPad Case Tutorial – For the person that has everything (aka an iPad or iPad2) this cute case is the perfect gift to complement their new toy. A great tutorial with lots of pictures.

2. Laptop/Kindle/iPad Sleeve Tutorial – This pattern can be made for any size laptop, Kindle, or I-Pad by adjusting the measurements accordingly. Lindsay also gives suggestions for making a more “manly” if you are giving it to a guy.

3. Treadmill iPod Holder – Speaking as a person who has knocked my ipod off the treadmill, I think this is genius! A perfect gift for the man in your life who is trying to exercise more.

4. Travel Organizer Tutorial – This travel organizer will help them keep their documents organized and easy to find. The people behind them in the security line will appreciate it.

Gifts of Comfort


5. How To Make a Remote Caddy - Here is to wishing the new homeowners never lose their TV remote. This detailed sewing tutorial will show you how to make a remote caddy to help that dream become a reality.


6. Laptop Lap Desk Tutorial - This laptop lap desk is ideal for the avid laptop user. It will prevent you from getting those pesky burns on you legs when your computer heats up, plus there is a handy chalkboard for jotting down notes. (You can also place a notepad there if you prefer.)

7. A MP3 Player Pocket Pillowcase – it is exactly what it sounds like. There is a pocket with strap to hold an MP3 player while napping or relaxing. Keeps that MP3 player right where you want it.

8. Ice Hockey Quilt - Such a fun and original quilt idea for the ultimate hockey fan!


9. Aromatic Heat Pack Belt - A stay-put heat pack pillow with case and belt is the perfect get well gift for someone you know who is feeling a little under the weather. If the heat pack doesn’t make them feel better, knowing you care will.

10. Homemade Heating Packs With Lavender – This simple sewing project makes a useful get well gift, and you can customize it with your choice of aromatherapy for a little extra indulgence. My preference is lavender, but you can also add mint, eucalyptus, or cloves.

11. A Hot/Cold Neck Wrap is the perfect gift for any dad, grandpa, or husband out there. Wouldn’t your dad/husband love to have a cold wrap around their neck after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day or a warm wrap for those aching muscles?!

Grill & BBQ


12. BBQ Worthy Hanging Towels – Make your honey some manly towels that he can use for the BBQ and keep your kitchen one’s clean. {snicker}

13. Grillin’ Towel Tutorial – Use this tutorial to make a grill towel Dad will love…perfect Father’s Day gift! There are five styles in all. All come with the man-stamp-of-approval.

How To Make Cuff Links


14. Monogramed Cufflinks – Turn a pair of thrift store cuff links into a personalized, monogram set for Dad this fathers day.

15. Custom Cuff Links - Use Dad’s favorite picture of his little ones to make these personalized cuff links. I am sure Grandpa would love a pair of his own too.

Tie Craft Ideas


16. Tie Napkins - A funny handmade gift for dad or a cute bib napkin for everyone to use at your Father’s Day dinner. This simple applique can be tackled by even a beginning sewer.

17. Dad’s Tie Gadget Case Tutorial - Turn one of Dad’s old ties into a handy and fashionable gadget case. This free downloadable tutorial will show you how to transform a tie into a cover for some of Dad’s favorite gadgets.

For The Office


18. ‘My Hero’ Scrabble Frame - Edit photos of your kids to black and whitefor the background and then search for sayings out scrabble tiles.


19. Framed Family Handprints – Get the whole family in on the crafting action this Father’s Day. Have each family member trace their hand on coordinating patterned paper and frame it for a keepsake Dad will love on Father’s Day and all year long.

20. Creative Dad’s Day Decor Frame - You’ll use an old shirt of Hub Dub’s, a Dollar Store picture frame, and iron-on leftovers, a white buttoned up shirt, and an old tie.

21. Photo Coasters Tutorial - These photos coasters are any easy, fun and affordable gift. Great for grandparents who are always looking for a new way to show off photos of the grandkids.

22. Digital Photo Frame Makeover – Love the idea of a digital photo frame but want to make it match your man’s personality, follow the tutorial but put your own twist on it.


23. How to Make a Tissue Photo Globe – Jen made this globe for her husband’s 40th birthday, covering it with photos of the past 40 years. This would be a great anniversary, mother’s day or father’s day gift.

24. Star Desktop Calendar With Photos - A fun and useful gift that the man in your life can use all year long.

25. Soda Can Coaster Tutorial - You’ve seen the soda can flowers, right? Now you can take your pop cans to the next level with these fun coasters. A great way to add a splash of color to any family room, patio or office.


26. Wine Cork Monograms – Turn old wine corks into a beautiful monogram that can be hung on the wall for show or to be used as a message board.

Free Printables


27. Dad Subway Art: 2 Designs – 17 Color Choices – most of us have a father figure, whether it’s our Dad, Grandpa, or someone else we are close to that we can look to as an example for direction and guidance in our lives–like a compass.

28. This subway art style printable for Dad can be framed as a gift, printed out to use on a card, or incorporated into your centerpiece for Father’s Day dinner.

Just For Fun


29. Golf Club Head Cover – These golf club head covers would make a perfect Father’s Day gift, or birthday/Christmas gift for the avid golfer. I love the vintage look these have.


30. Lens Camera Pal – Photography is a booming business right now. If you have a friend who is just starting out, consider making them one of the Camera Lens Pals, especially if they are into photographing children. It will prove to be a thoughtful and useful gift.

31. Photo Blocks PuzzleSo, I’m not going to lie to you….even though this is a pretty easy craft, it will eat up some time just because you are doing six sides.

32. Father’s Day Photo Coffee Sleeve Tutorial – Help the Dad in your life wear his heart on his sleeve- coffee sleeve, that is! Now when Dad’s at work he can warm his hand and his heart every time he takes a sip!

33. Giant Jenga - Use scrap pieces of wood to create a giant Jenga game to play with Dad on Father’s Day.

Meaningful Gifts


34. 10 Things I Heart About You {printbales} – This is an easy and inexpensive to make and is full of sentimentality. Kim also links to her free printable arrows you can use for your book cover.


35. DIY Catalog of Love - Inspired by library catalog cards, she decided to replace the book numbers with important dates in their relationship, book titles with “chapters” of their life together, and publisher locations with places that are important to them. the best part? each year they plan to add memories to their library card box.

36. Thoughtful Gift To Men: Peace of Mind - Make a list of all the things you nag you man about and do them. Thereby giving him: Peace Of Mind. To convey it all, I created a stack of cards in a paper box. The images that follow take you through the entire gift.


37. Explosion Photo Box – It is just packed full of pictures but looks stylish just as a box. So here are the instructions to make this awesome box.

38. Pocket Watch Photo Album Tutorial – Turn a pocket watch into an accordion style photo album. What a great gift for grandparents, especially with Father’s Day right around the corner.

39. 10 Things I Love About You Tin - A tin, some mod podge and print some mini photos and you have a fantastic gift and card all rolled into one.

40. Here are 30 frugal gift ideas to show you appreciate someone. What do you get someone if you want to show you appreciate them, but if you don’t have a lot of money to spend?

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