Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny Shaped Cinnamon Rolls = Cinnabunnies


What do you get when you unroll a tube of Pillsbury Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls and shape them like bunnies? “Cinnabunnies!"


Easter is a fun time in my house because I love to get creative with the kids in the kitchen. Coloring Easter eggs and making special recipes is all part of getting the family together around the table. Cinnabunnies are something I came up with because my daughter is such a lover of cinnamon rolls. I enjoy unrolling those tubes and figuring out what cute little shapes I can make with them.

I start with a tube of Pillsbury Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls.


I usually buy the 8-count roll and make 4 bunnies. I use one roll for the body and then unroll another for the ears. Once you shape the ears, give them a good pinch to connect them to the head. I add raisins for the eyes and nose and two sliced almonds for the teeth. It’s very important to press the raisins and nuts into the dough so that they stay attached when the dough bakes and rises.



Once they are baked, let them cool. Then ice the ears and give them a sprinkle of sugar.


These silly little bunnies make everyone smile.



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