Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Girlie-Man Super Bowl Recipes

Before any of you dudes haul off and clock me, let me just say (and I’m sure your wives, girlfriends, mistresses, sisters, and even mothers would agree) that it’s time to get out of your SBR – otherwise known as Super Bowl Rut. How many sliders, pizza's and bowls of chips and dip can you down anyway? (Wait, don’t answer that.)

Granted, why should you take Super Bowl advice from a woman whose most athletic feat to date has been jumping to a conclusion? I may not know who’s playing this year, the Packers and Bruins, right?...(I am from Wisconsin, so I do at least know that the Packers are playing...or they would kick me out of the state.), and I certainly know food. And by girlie-man recipes, I don’t mean tea sandwiches or feathery snacks you have to eat with your little finger perfectly arced. But if some of you bruisers want to eat with your pinkies perfectly arced, who am I to judge?

What I mean is, aim for more refined flavors. Think outside of the box. For example, instead of cheeseboards buckling under their own lactic weight, why not intensely cheese-alicious Cheddar and Parmesan crisps? Why slog through plain ole pizza when you can toss around a Spanish version, with Manchego cheese, chorizo, and poblano peppers? (Although the recipe doesn’t call for it, black Empeltre olives from Aragon aren’t a bad thing, either.) And why reach for those grotty dips in a tin when you can whip up a batch of Green Goddess Dip? Too frou-frou? I thought as much. So add a bit more herbs and call it Badass Green Bay Dip. Problem solved, masculinity intact.

There’s also a fringe benefit to getting your game day grub on, that is if you include some lady friends in the mix: All you guys without wives, girlfriends, and mistresses just might score a date for Valentine’s Day next week. And don’t sweat it, I’ve got you covered with all those dishes, too.

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